Professional Painters in Minneapolis, MN

Even the most, beautiful, well-appointed home will need a makeover every now and then. If you feel the paint in the interior or exterior of your home has started fade or is showing its age, it might be time for a new style or maybe even just a touch up.

However, painting is not a skill that just anyone has and it’s an easy thing to mess up. When you need painting work done inside or outside your home, you should call a professional. And if you’re in Minneapolis, MN, make that call to Executive Painting and Pressure Washing.

Interior Painting in Minneapolis

Repainting the inside of your house can be a major project. Chances are, you don’t want every room to be the same shade of the same color. You’re likely looking for a little variety. We can paint the walls of your bedrooms, the cabinets in your kitchen, and the entirety of your living room all different colors. And we can take on any job, no matter the size.

Of course, the only place you want the new paint is exactly where it should be, not dripping all over the place, making a mess. That’s why we’re careful to put up protective tarps to stop paint from spilling to places it doesn’t belong. We can even recommend the exact right paint for your home.

Exterior Painting in Minneapolis

Painting the outside of your house is quite a bit different than painting the inside. First, you’re likely to be using fewer colors, and perhaps even just one. It generally requires getting on a ladder, making safety far more of a priority. The paint also has to withstand the elements over the course of multiple years, and we know the elements are no joke here in Minneapolis. Most importantly, the exterior coat of paint is among the first impression people will have of your home. All the more reason to trust the professionals at Executive Painting and Power Washing.

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